Speaker Assessment

Take a moment to clearly define where you are as a speaker and learn how to improve and get more gigs!


Are you already speaking and want to speak more?

Are you using speaking opportunities to grow your list and meet ideal clients?

Do you have a dream of taking your expertise to the stage and change lives all forever?

This Speaker Success Quiz is designed to determine where you are on your path to speaking success. In just 4 minutes, you will be able to celebrate where you are on track and discover what missing pieces are keeping you from greater success.

Once you complete this quiz, check your inbox for your results and some important next steps to taking your speaking business to the next level. We've got your back!

0 = Yikes! I've not addressed this at all4 = I've given this some attention.
7 = I'm doing really well here.10 = Yay! I've totally nailed this.

I. Message

1. I have a Message that will Change Thousands of Lives.

2. I can adjust my presentation from 5 minutes to 2 hours for a sudden request.

3. The Audience is Moved to: Action, Motivation, Laughter, Crying, etc when I speak!

4. I have an awesome interactive segment to my presentation to get the audience involved.

II. Getting Booked

1. I average at least 2 speaking gigs per week to keep my new lead pipeline full.

2. I have a process in place to find speaking engagements!

3. I'm consistently building relationships with other speakers and connections.

4. I'm being booked on Radio and TV Shows, Facebook Lives, Other Media at least twice a month.

III. Lead Generation & List Building

1. I have a personal speaker website with compelling, list-building calls to action .

2. I have at three or more lead magnets I use in my marketing to grow my list and deliver value.

3. I have a system for gathering at least 80% of the attendees’ contact informaiton at each gig.

4. I have a proven process for turning speaking opportunities into incredible sales opportunities!

IV. Back-of-the-room Sales Success

1. I am completely comfortable selling at the front and back of the room.

2. I have a follow-up process that moves 50% of new leads into some paid program or product.

3. I have a proven sales system with electronic forms, payment buttons and sales sheets.

4. I have available at the back of the room or follow up offers that are easily adjusted depending on the speaking opportunity.

V. Your Commitment level (0= Not committed 10= I am Very Committed)

1. I am committed to take my speaking career to the next level and ready to do what it takes.

2. I am open to investing in guidance on how to speak more, sell more and grow my business.

3. I highly value the offer of a free, private, strategy session and would like to schedule one soon.

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