Speaker's Assessment

If you are a speaker or want to be a speaker that changes people's lives, are ready to grow your business utilizing speaking as a major marketing tool, and you resonate with the following statements, you are in the right place.

  • I am an expert in my field and want to showcase my expertise to thousands
  • I resonate well with positive, forward thinking, collaborative, incredibly proactive people since I am that way too
  • I am looking for new, unique techniques, tools, ideas, marketing, and approaches to help my business soar
  • I am willing to invest emotionally and financially to create the shifts I am looking for in my business and speaking career

If this sounds like you, please continue by taking the Speaker's Assessment below. I've designed it to help you see where you are "spot on" in your speaking business and where you need to make some adjustments to experience improved results.

Once you take the assessment, check your inbox for your resulting score and some important "next steps" based on where you are today. My promise is that you will come away from this experience feeling clear and ready to embrace new and inspired ways of living your life.

0 = I've not addressed this at all. 4 = I've given this some attention.
7 = I'm doing really well here.10 = I've totally nailed this.

I. Collaboration

1. I am continually striving to develop my skills of prospecting and networking.

2. I have a system in place to consistently generate referrals for speaking gigs.

3. I easily meet at least 50 new people every month.

4. I get asked at least twice a month to be a guest speaker on other people’s webinars/teleconferences.

5. I create at least 2 joint venture events per month with other speakers.

II. Speaking Engagements

1. I am consistently booked to speak at events that attract my ideal client.

2. I always walk out of a speaking gig with another speaking opportunity.

3. I feel confident when I speak in front of an audience of any size.

4. I have a clear process in place to identify, pitch, and secure speaking engagements that will result in new clients and sales.

5. I understand and embrace the concept of speaking to market my products/services.

III. Sales Success

1. I consistently close over $2500 in sales each time I speak.

2. I am completely comfortable selling at the front and back of the room.

3. When I follow up after an event, I close over $2500 in additional sales.

4. I have a proven sales system with electronic forms, payment buttons and sales sheets.

5. I have at least 10 books, CD’s, DVD’s, coaching packages, etc. available at the back of the room.

IV. Marketing

1. I am asked to be a guest on a radio show at least once a month.

2. I have a personal speaker website that consistently gets over 1000 hits a month.

3. I have an email opt-in newsletter system that generates at least 100 new prospects each month.

4. I walk out of every speaking gig with at least 80% of the attendees’ email addresses.

5. I have a unique message with talk titles that stand out from my competition.

V. Leadership

1. I am always encouraging others to grow, expand, believe, connect and be FABULOUS.

2. I am recognized and sought out as a leader in my industry.

3. I am constantly giving referrals and connections to people I meet.

4. I attend at least 4 networking groups/conferences/events per month.

5. I believe everyone has a unique message that should be expressed.

VI. Your Commitment level (0= Not committed 10= I am Very Committed)

1. I will check my inbox and review my assessment results right away.

2. I am ready and willing to discover exactly what's been holding me back in my speaking business.

3. I have a clear income goal for the next year and I’m committed to reaching it.

4. I highly value the offer of a private strategy session and would like to schedule one soon.

5. I know the importance of investing in my business and myself to experience greater results.

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