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Take a moment to clearly define where you are as a speaker and learn how to improve and get more gigs!


Are you already speaking and want to speak more?

Are you using speaking opportunities to grow your list and meet ideal clients?

Do you have a dream of taking your expertise to the stage and change lives all forever?

This Speaker Success Quiz is designed to determine where you are on your path to speaking success. In just 4 minutes, you will be able to celebrate where you are on track and discover what missing pieces are keeping you from greater success.

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0 = Yikes! I've not addressed this at all4 = I've given this some attention.
7 = I'm doing really well here.10 = Yay! I've totally nailed this.

I. Profiles and Bios

1. My profile picture is current, not older than 6-12 months.

2. My bio is updated and relevant to my current speaking topics.

3. My bio is succinct and uses industry keywords.

4. I have a one or two page Speaker Sheet that I can deliver to event managers and attach to applications.

II. Audience and Clients

1. I know my specific audience and avatar. (age, demographic, location, situation, needs, etc.)

2. It is clear to me what my audience struggles with.

3. What I do solves the problems my target audience experiences.

4. I know where my target audience goes and what events and activities they participate in.

5. My schedule includes attending and participating in events where my ideal client is present.

III. Talks, Speeches and Workshops

1. My message is ready to change a thousand lives!

2. I have a signature talk that is crafted with intention and for impact.

3. I have an engaging, interactive section of my presentations.

4. My talks have several working and interchangeable components: Opening, Storytelling, Value, Activity, Offer, Closing, Thank You’s, etc.

5. I can adjust my talks for 5 minute presentations to 30-45 minute speeches and up to 2 hour workshops.

IV. Preparation and Delivery

1. There is significant time spent practicing and refining my talks.

2. I have a pre-stage protocol to consistently get me into the right “head space” to present. Ready to deal with nervousness, blanking out, stumbling or other unforeseen circumstances.

3. I have constant awareness of how my body language and gestures deliberately add impact to, or detract from, my presentation.

4. The audience reacts when I speak, nodding or showing emotion, visibly relating to my message.

5. The audience is moved to action when I speak. They respond to my offer or lead generation. There is a line at the back of the room!

V. Offers and Content Creation

1. My offer is solid and it feels good when I deliver it!

2. My offer leads directly to additional opportunities for my potential clients to work with me.

3. I have multiple forms of content or deliverables appropriate for environments where I am not selling from stage.

4. My valuable gift, freebie, consultation, book, online education or other deliverables, entice potential clients.

5. My overall approach to content provides me with multiple revenue streams.

VI. Time Management and Focus

1. My foundation and routines support efficient time management.

2. I feel like I am getting all my tasks done throughout the day and week.

3. There is time dedicated throughout the week for focus on my speaking career.

4. My “to do” list is clear, prioritized and productive.

5. I am able to work without distractions and stay focused.

VII. Finding and Booking Speaking Opportunities

1. My calendar is full of the perfect speaking gigs for me.

2. Applying for speaking opportunities is as easy as cut and paste from my updated speaker sheets.

3. There are multiple opportunities coming to me through different channels and connections.

4. Within my network are other speakers and event management connections that help me cultivate speaking gigs.

5. I know how to research and apply for stages on my own.

VIII. Expanding Your Reach

1. My social media presence is solid, active and growing.

2. There are podcasts, interviews and other media events on my calendar.

3. The foundation of my contact list and networking is always expanding and bringing in new opportunities.

4. There is value delivered in every conversation, meeting, event and connection I participate in.

5. My long term goals are clear, as are the steps to get me there.

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